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Lymphatic Surgery

Why would you need Lymphatic Surgery?

Lymphatic surgery is used to treat and prevent lymphedema and treat lymphatic malformations, complications from cancer treatment, trauma, and infections. It also addresses lymph fluid buildup, congenital anomalies, and blockages that impair lymphatic function. 

Procedures such as liposuction, free lymph node transfer and lymphovenous bypass surgery aim to restore some lymphatic flow to the affected limb, reduce swelling and alleviate some symptoms, ultimately improving quality of life.

What is lymphedema?

Lymphedema is the build up of lymphatic fluid in an area of the body/ limb, due to disturbed lymphatic drainage, typically after lymphadenectomy surgery, though can be from other causes. The degree of lymphedema a patient may develop varies greatly. Lymphedema can be uncomfortable/ painful, cause infections (cellulitis), restrict movement of the affected limb and can significantly affect a patients quality of life. 

What are my treatment options for lymphedema?

Treatment for lymphedema is not curative, though can assist with some prevention and improvement of symptoms. Treatment includes non-surgical options through a specialized lymphedema therapist, which often involves education, massage/ manual drainage, compression garments, compression pumps, skin care and exercises. One, or often a combination of the following surgical options may also be suitable for patients.​

What surgical options may be available for me?

Lymphedema Prevention (Surgical)


Lymphedema Management (Surgical)

Click here for more information on how Prophylactic Lymphovenous Bypass at the Time of Axillary Lymph Node Dissection Decreases Rates of Lymphedema.

Why Should You See Dr Taylor for Your Lymphatic Surgery?

Dr Taylor is a fully qualified specialist plastic and reconstructive surgeon who provides expert, holistic care. 


  • Dr Taylor is board-certified in both Australia and England.

  • Dr Taylor has extensive specialist training and experience in Microsurgery.

  • Dr Taylor and his team care deeply about the quality of their work and the well-being of their patients. They are committed to ensuring you are informed and supported throughout your journey.

When looking for the right surgeon for your Lymphatic Surgery in Perth or Bunbury, it's important to ensure they are board-certified and specialise in the procedures you desire. We advise that you schedule consultations with multiple surgeons to compare their approaches, personalities, and professionalism.

Choose a surgeon who communicates effectively and makes you feel comfortable. Trust and understanding are crucial for a successful outcome.

We also advise that you discuss costs to avoid unexpected expenses, ask about post-operative care and follow-up visits to ensure proper recovery, and address any concerns after the surgery.

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