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Liposuction Treatment of Lymphedema in Perth & Bunbury

Liposuction Treatment of Lymphedema

Why would I require liposuction for the treatment of my lymphedema?

Liposuction can be used to debulk areas affected by lymphedema. During the procedure, multiple small incisions, about 1 cm wide, are made to remove subcutaneous tissue. After surgery, the treated area is managed with non-surgical techniques, such as compression garments and manual drainage, to maintain the reduction over time.


This surgery is not curative and is aimed at managing symptoms and improving quality of life.

What Can I Expect with
Liposuction Surgery?

A Quick Overview

Surgery time: 1-2 hours, depending on number of affected areas  

Length of stay in hospital: Day stay or 1 night

Recovery time: The following are approximate times.

Driving 2 days - 2 weeks (depending on the extent/ location of liposuction),

office work 2 days - 1 week and

strenuous work/ exercise 1 week if the movement will affect this area of the body during healing.

Incision and scar: Multiple small 1 cm incisions into the affected area.

Things I need to know about Liposuction Surgery?

  • Bruising to the surgical site is common post liposuction surgery. 

  • This surgery is not curative and is aimed at symptom management only.

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