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Hand Surgery

What is Hand Surgery?

Hand Surgery is a general term for a range of treatments and procedures to restore the function and appearance of the hand. Treating patients with hand injuries and degenerative disorders.

The hand involves many small structures, including vessels and nerves, which often require microsurgical treatment.

Why Choose Dr Taylor for Your Hand Surgery?

Dr Taylor is one of the Specialist Plastic Surgeons at the forefront of pioneering dramatic advances in treating patients with hand injuries and elective hand surgery needs. With over 20 years of specialist training and experience, Duncan is a board-certified Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeon in both the United Kingdom and Australia. He is a well-respected, leading expert locally and Internationally for his Microsurgical skills and has completed two International and one Australian Microsurgical Fellowships.


Dr. Taylor provides his specialist plastic surgery services in Perth and the South West region of WA.

Dr Taylor saved 3-year-old Billy's hand after it was caught in a juicer.​

Watch 7 News Interview here.

Video: Dr Taylor restores use of hand with toe transfer at Fiona Stanley Hospital, WA.

Dr Taylor specialises in the following Trauma and Injury Hand Surgeries:

Dr Taylor specialises in the following Elective Hand Surgeries:

Risks Associated with Hand Surgery

The risks outlined below are general in nature and may vary depending on individual circumstances and specific surgical procedures. Please use this information as a general guideline for risks involved in surgical procedures. 


During your consultation, Dr Duncan Taylor will discuss the specific risks and potential complications relevant to your unique surgical procedure.

General possible complications of any procedure

  • Bleeding

  • Infection at the surgical site

  • Allergic reaction to equipment, materials or medication

  • Blood clot in your leg or lungs

  • Chest infection

  • Poor scarring - hypertrophic or keloid 

  • Acute kidney injury

General possible complications of hand surgery procedures

  • Wound healing problems - wound has delayed healing and may open up (dehiscence) 

  • Shape or contour irregularities 

  • Damage to local structures of the hand or digit, i.e. nerves, vessels or tendons 

  • Tenderness over the scars (usually temporary)

  • Cords can come back or appear in new areas, causing the operative or other fingers to bend again

  • Symptoms may not improve or may return (rare)

Consequences of these procedures

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