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Waikiki Private Hospital

Since 2022, Duncan has been operating and consulting at Waikiki Private Hospital, offering his expertise in Specialist Plastic and Reconstructive surgery to the communities of Waikiki and the surrounding areas, including Rockingham, Warnbro, Safety Bay, Secret Harbour, Baldivis, Mandurah, Pinjarra, and the Peel Region.

Waikiki Private
Hospital Procedure list

Clinic Days

Once every 4 weeks on a Wednesday, at the Waikiki Specialist Centre

Hospital Details

Dr Taylor has Theatre Lists once every four weeks on a Thursday.


Waikiki Private Hospital

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Waikiki Private Hospital

221 Willmott Drive

Waikiki WA 6169


Ample free parking is available at the front of the hospital, including disabled parking bays adjacent to the main entrance. Additionally, there is a covered pickup and drop-off area at the main entrance for your convenience.

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