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Breast Reconstruction

What are my options?

Every patient is different in their physique, lifestyle, disease staging, required treatments for cancer and desired outcome. For the best results, the reconstruction method must meet your individual needs. During your consultations with Dr Taylor, you are given all the knowledge required to make an informed decision about your care.


There are two main types of breast reconstruction:


​Autologous (Own Tissue) reconstruction

Some patients are at high risk of needing chemo/radiotherapy as part of their cancer treatment, which causes damage to the skin and tissue. Duncan, therefore, recommends waiting until the completion of your treatment before your reconstruction surgery, with the insertion of a temporary implant during your initial mastectomy surgery. This temporary implant will hold the pocket open for your subsequent reconstruction surgery. 

To find out more about breast reconstruction and breast reconstruction awareness, please visit

Why should you see Dr Taylor for Breast Reconstruction surgery? 

Dr Duncan Taylor is a board-certified Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeon in both the United Kingdom and Australia, with over 20 years of specialist training and experience. He is a well-respected leading expert locally and Internationally for his microsurgical and surgical oncology skills. Duncan has completed two International and one Australian Microsurgical fellowships and over 1,000 free tissue transfers.

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